LibSite: Recommendation Service for Library-related Websites


If you're not happy finding new sites @LISNews, you might want to check out LibSite. is A Recommendation Service for Library-related Websites. Leo Klein got the original idea when thinking about writing his next "Library Website of the Month", something he does periodically on his other site,


Who's not happy with LibSite can serve as one of several sources with interesting links for library people.

Everyone is happy with LISNews, why would anyone want to go anywhere else??

Everyone is happy with LISNews . . .

[polite cough] Rory Litwin?

<grinning, ducking, and running>

You bet I'm not happy! That guy Klein's site sounds great!Opps! Thanks for the link!Basically I wanted something that was user-generated and took advantage of technology so that people could play around with the information in various ways.I think it's pretty unique and hopefully doesn't duplicate what other people are doing.Now about this crummy site...

Yahoo! I've added an Image Gallery! So in addition to accessing the sites submitted by users through tags, feeds and email alerts, you can also access them by thumbnail snapshots.I've got two varieties at the moment: the standard "Image Gallery" with all submissions, and the "My Favorites Gallery" with just what people have put in their Favorites Collection.Info from the Wiki:

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