LOC Continues Cataloging Overhaul

Anonymous Patron writes "Greetings from Baltimore, where the 13th National Conference of the Association of College & Research Libraries is drawing to a close. To coincide with the conference, some sweeping changes have been announced by none other than the Library of Congress regarding how they handing the cataloging of materials."


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Two days early?

That's pushing it. Sure, Steven M. Cohen was a day early (as was TechCrunch), but two days? Doesn't anyone know how to postdate a blog post?

Re:Two days early?

I just wonder if anybody caught the reference to radio's "Dr. Laura" being ALA President. That made me do a double-take this morning. After that I went in search of coffee.As to post-dating, I know WordPress can do it. Blogger on the other hand cannot, I think.

Re:Two days early?

You may be right. Another reason to prefer WordPress, I suppose.

The "president's" name was a giveaway for those who were prepared to believe that LC would act quite so precipitously...AL Online did a nice deadpan job of writing the item otherwise.

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