Internet porn at library argued

Libraries around the country are struggling with whether the need to protect children and other patrons outweighs the rights of visitors to view legally protected pornographic images on library computers.

That debate simmered Thursday in Sacramento, with the board governing the Sacramento Public Library ultimately adopting an Internet-use policy aimed at maintaining a "safe, welcoming and comfortable environment."


I'm fairly new to -- this story from the Sac. Bee isn't freely accessible. I have to create an account. Is it a policy here to post stories that require a login to read?MS

Speaking only for myself, yes, I sometimes post stories which require free registration to view. I draw the line at paid sites. I'll try to find a less restrictive version if available, but if there isn't one, then I will link to a paid site. Some sites let you in if you're coming from Google News, and of course many of us have login information or cookies already saved, so the submitter may not have even known about this roadblock.Also, may be used to bypass this step.

oops! When I posted it 9 hours ago I could actually see it, not sure what happened.I never post articles behind a registration wall. They must have a time delay or some kind of referrer check going on.

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