VA Librarian to be Refunded Legal Fees in Perfume Tiff

Neva White, of the Virginia Beach library was acquitted of attacking another worker at her library and reimbursed the nearly $2,000 fee she spent to defend herself. Since 1984, Virginia law has allowed local governments to pay an employee's legal costs if he is charged with a crime in the line of duty and found not guilty or if the charges are dismissed.

This is the first time a librarian has requested a legal fee reimbursement, said a city attorney. The cause of the dust-up? alleged incident on Oct. 11, in which Kilsa Carmona accused White of grabbing her arms and demanding "that I tell her whether I'm wearing any perfume," according to a criminal complaint.


Does the library have a "perfume policy" that triggered the initial incident?

Since it says she was acquitted, are we sure there was an initial incident? Personally, I don't think there's enough information here to even begin to know the whole story.

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