Librarians lawsuit over book recommendation

JET writes "From WND.com6

A university librarian accused of "sexual harassment" simply for recommending all incoming freshmen read the popular book "The Marketing of Evil" by David Kupelian " a case that made national headlines, having been called the year's most "shameful" campus persecution case " has filed a defamation lawsuit against the accusing faculty members."


One might hope this will end with a formal censure of Profs. Buckley and Jones by the competant authorities at Ohio State - Mansfield. The absence of sanctions for behavior such as theirs will likely result in further degradation of the intellectual climate at that locale. (One might also that Mr. Savage not appear to be corrupting his witness with something that looks very much like a desire for revenge and that he not be running the risk of a civil trial for defamation, which one might wager would result in nothing better than a pyrrhic victory for him).Art Deco

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