FBI admits to screwing around with USA PATRIOT ACT

mdoneil writes "The FBI has been playing fast and loose with the powers given it under the USA Patriot Act. The AG Gonzalez said that he may possibly prefer charges against FBI lawyers or agents accused of violating the law. Well that certainly is reassuring.
The FBI flouts the law, the city manager of the next city over is having a sex change, and the priest from my high school is getting married to his second wife. I'm going to a bar."


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It's the potentials

"Given the potential for abuse, someone, somewhere, will realize that potential." --Michael Nellis

Why should it be such a surpise?

Terrorists fear Patriot Act

I think terrorists fear the Patriot Act. Terrorism should be pursued with unlimited powers and resources to the ends of the earth.

Re:Terrorists fear Patriot Act

You can't have it both ways. You criticise the government when they don't see things like 9/11 and they don't do enough. Yet, when they get tough, then they are too tough. You see, it comes down to whose side you are really on.

Re:Terrorists fear Patriot Act


Why should terrorists fear USAPATRIOT Act? It doesn't seem to be being used against terrorists.

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