Orangatango Protects Our Privacy

I found this story from Newsbytes on my favorite law portal LLRX. A company has created an online browser that will protect the privacy of its users. It\'s called Orangatango.\"Consumers who hate getting an inbox full of unsolicited commercial e-mail \"spam\" after registering at an online shopping site soon may have an alternative.

Utah-based Orangatango says its \"VirtualBrowser,\" which currently is available in a beta test version, will in effect stand between a Web surfer and those who wish to track his or her movements in the online realm.\"

\"Gregory Mockett, the company\'s CEO, said the VirtualBrowser is difficult to describe in a few words because it offers several functions that range from privacy to portability.\"

\"It is a Web site or portal that acts as a Web browser,\" he said. \"The server, or engine behind the browser, does more than generate a privacy proxy, it gives people control of the content. In addition, it lets them take their bookmarks, saved passwords and browser settings with them anywhere they go.\"

\"When Web surfers use the VirtualBrowser, it republishes all pages, he said. \"It might look like you are in a shopping site, but you are in a page generated by the Orangatango server.\"

\"VirtualBrowser also acts as a shield against \"cookies,\" the company said. Cookies are small data files sent by a Web server to the computer of a site visitor and stored on the user\'s hard drive. Cookies enable one Web page to send information about the user on to other pages. Orangatango said surfing with the VirtualBrowser means the cookies are held in the virtual browser and are not placed on the user\'s computer.\"

\"Orangatango said one of the benefits consumers will see from the VirtualBrowser is redirected e-mail. Mockett said when he registered the company\'s site on search engines he received more than 150 pieces of spam. With the VirtualBrowser, he was able to eliminate the unwanted mail with a few clicks of his mouse, he said.\"

\"When you register at a shopping site through Orangatango and you give them your e-mail address, Orangatango sees it and rewrites it to a forwarding, disposable e-mail address. This is done automatically, so people do not have to memorize macros or alternate addresses,\" he said.\"

\"If a company sends an e-mail to that address, Orangatango forwards it to the consumer and shows where it came from,\" Mockett said. \"That way people can manage Spam without it effecting their personal e-mail account.\"

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