Library Quickies


A gaggle of almost related stories I\'ve been sitting on for too long.Yahoo! News Story on how much overdue books are costing libraries.
``Focus groups have told us returning (overdue) library books can be embarrassing, so we\'re trying to add some fun to it,\'\' said Peggy Pievach, the library\'s marketing director

This Story on 3 guys who were using a library computer to print out a series of phony checks.Police arrested them as they were printing the checks. Maybe they had to pay for all their overdue books?

A couple more follow......A Nice Letter from a reader of The LA Times.

And The Chicago Tribune has This Story sent in by Bob Cox, on the Abraham Lincoln library in Springfield, IL. President Bush\'s proposed budget for next year does not specifically earmark dollars for an Abraham Lincoln library in Springfield. But it doesn\'t erase federal funding, either.

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