Library porn policy stuns clueless exec

News From Rochester, NY where the County Executive has apparently been asleep for the past decade.

In a strongly worded letter to Paula Smith, director of the county library system, Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks said she was "stunned" and "mortified" that the library would allow people, upon request, to obtain access to pornographic sites.

Brooks is threatening to halt about $7.5 million in county funding for the downtown library if it doesn't tighten restrictions. The loss of the money, about 70 percent of the library's budget, would essentially put the library out of business and cripple the library system in Monroe County.
Don't worry, she's doing it, for the children... "As a mother I was horrified to see our community's children put in a position of being exposed to matters beyond their comprehension in some cases, in a place designed for learning," Brooks said.


if it's beyond their comprehension I'm surprised it can hurt them.

I stand with the librarians of the ALA and with Mark Rosenwieg of the ALA Council and with Ann Beeson of the ACLU and with Alan Ginsberg of NAMBLA. Not only is pornography in the library harmless for children to view, it's actually good for them. And if these so-called "parents" don't want "their" children to accidentally view people having values-neutral relations with horses, well, then they should send them to PRIVATE libraries. The nerve of these patriarchist breeders....

From Cal State, Northridge's debate guide:

Straw man. This is the fallacy of refuting a caricatured or extreme version of somebody's argument, rather than the actual argument they've made.

Cute, though. Managed to get the child molesters, homosexuals and ALA in there. I would have liked to have seen the Muslims, Mexicans, Democrats and Hollywood Jews make an apperance. I'll give it a C+.

David Geffen and his gardener will be giving a news conference about it from their Mosque tomorrow. Cheney's daughter will be there for moral support. The Irish Catholics will be providing Fish and Chips for Friday afterward. It is BYOB - unless you recently shaved your head or died in a casino in Florida.

Satire (lat. medley, dish of colourful fruits) is a technique used in drama, fiction, journalism, and occasionally in poetry, the graphic arts, the performing arts and other media. Although satire is usually witty, and often very funny, the purpose of satire is not primarily humour but criticism of an event, an individual or a group in a clever manner. -Wikipedia.Censorship (from Latin censor, Roman censor, from censre, to assess) includes hiding books on controversial subjects behind the circulation desk, as well as hiding controversial comments at LIS behind "beneath your current threshold."I've been "Blaked" - a badge of honor.

Let me add that after I appended the above comment, my previous "hidden under the desk" comment was un-Blaked.

I seem to recall that you set that threshold yourself on the personal preferences page, but you need an account to do that. I seem to recall further that the anonymous patron threshold is set at the default of 1. If so, then your postings were rated at 0. This is also a default setting.

I seem to recall that my posting was rated "-1 Troll."Because only a troll would disagree. We librarians are all in agreement on this issue because we are right, with one of the excellent proofs that we are right being that we are all in agreement.

Threatening to cut off funding is a tad extreme, but once again I'm amazed at how the ALA is willing to fight to the death for the right of perverts to view porn at the library, but when we requested that ALA assist us in Philadelphia when the city was planning on running 20 libraries without librarians, they completely ignored us.Is there a more irrelevant professional organization in America than ALA?By they way, I support the right of perverts to look at porn--but at a peepshow or their own home, not the public library!

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