Stop tossing your books!

The ultimate goal of many college students regarding textbooks is to get rid of them at the same rate that they come into our possession, if not faster. (To this end, making rich friends one year younger than you in your major is a smart move.) To us snappy young business-people of the future, we see this repetitive trading ritual as a precursor to smart career moves.

Sara Morehouse says we are spoiled by the abundance of books available to us today.


Textbooks depreciate at an amazing rate. The thing to do is to sell your books while they are worth something and pocket the money. Write down the title, author, and ISBN before you sell the book. In a year you will be able to buy the same textbook online for a few dollars.

Buy new textbook: $60
Sell book to bookstore or online: Make $30
Rebuy textbook online in a year: $8 includes shipping.

Best of both worlds. Student has $22 extra dollars in their pocket and they have the book on their shelf.

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