Senate OKs library porn bill


This Story is from the Detroit Free Press. Thanks
to Bob Cox for another submission.

A bill to prevent children from using library computers to
access pornography -- and to discourage sex predators from
preying via computer -- cleared the state Senate on
The Senate also approved a bill to halt the quick
destruction of campaign finance records. Both bills went to
the House.
The library bill passed 37-0 after it exempted college and
private libraries from requiring electronic filters or other
means to block sexually explicit material.
\"We are standing before a whole world of hard-core sexual
predators coming after our kids,\" said Sen. Mike Rogers,
R-Brighton, the bil
\"We are not talking about what is commonly called \'soft
porn.\' Some of the images children are being exposed to in
publicly funded facilities are incredibly damaging,
including child rapes.\"
The bill would require public libraries to use computer
filters, adult supervision or other methods to prevent kids
from using the computers to view Internet pornogr

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