Massachusetts library loses borrowing privileges


Rich writes "The Patriot Ledger of Quincy Mass. reported last Tuesday that 4 communities in the Old Colony Network cut off borrowing privileges to Randolph residents on July 1 because the town's Turner Free Library no longer meets state standards. "The library is now open 40 hours a week, far short of the 63 hours required for a community Randolph's size to receive state aid. The state Board of Library Commissioners on Jan 4 revoked the library's accreditation. That will cost the town $30,000 in state library aid."
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Finally someone enforces standards. This is great news that the Old Colony Library Network stood up and followed standards. It's not fair to the other members who are following standards to let one slip. Standards for aid are one of the greatest tools available for maintaining viable libraries.In my system we have a simillar rule. Any member library that fails to meet or maintain the criteria for state aid will automatically generate a motion for expulsion at the next member library board meeting. The only way to avoid automatic expulsion at that meeting is to have a state approved corrective action plan. It sounds harsh but one library can jeopardize consortium funding. The expulsion clause of the bylaws serves as the consortiums corrective action plan to ensure that funding is not denied to all member libraries. We have this come up once a year usually because of a board member breaking the law. In that case it's usually dealt with via resignation and reprimand.

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