Like digital wildfire

Here's A Short Article from the Missoula Independent on that goofy blog thing that happened a couple weeks back. When Absarokee-based Episcopal priest Jane Ellen Schmoetzer recounted a conversation she had with a small-town librarian on her blog,, on Jan. 9, she had no idea the post would trigger a long-distance game of "Telephone" that would change the way she approaches her four-year-old blogging habit.

In her post, "Libraries are dangerous places," Schmoetzer recounts a conversation she had that morning with Larrie Hayden, director of Joliet's tiny public library. According to the post (since removed), Larrie told Schmoetzer that she had submitted a book request to a Billings library for copies of The Last Jihad and The Ezekial Option by novelist Joel C. Rosenberg, which she received along with a letter informing her that the order had earned her a spot on a government "watch list," and that she would have to "appear in person in Billings" before she would be able to order any more books.


So many people want this to be true, just like the Little Red Book story from December 2005. Well it is not true now and that was not true then.

When are people going to stop yelling wolf? Didn't Chicken Little teach anyone anything?

"Now Schmoetzer has posted a retraction and an apology on her blog, though she maintains that she recounted what she was told by the librarian. Hayden, after initially talking to the Independent about the story, did not return repeated phone calls this week."
Sounds like the librarian had some wishful thinking perhaps...

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