Tech Friday: Spam shows sudden slide


Somebody writes "I Wish This Was Good News. Worldwide spam levels have mysteriously dropped off over the past week, according to managed e-mail provider SoftScan, possibly as a result of a major botnet going out of service.

Spam levels continued to rise in December, but crashed by 30 percent in the first week of January, SoftScan said on Tuesday. The company has seen nothing similar in the past, but believes the most likely explanation is that a botnet — a network of compromised machines — has temporarily lost control of its client systems."


I was paged on Boxing Day because of the cable cut. Some of my work involves ASIPAC data transfer and we wanted to be sure that our network was secure. It was.

This has been covered in the technical press and looked upon favorably. Inosfar as the spammers choose the easiest sites to hijack or the cheapest hosts to use. These low budget providers generally don't have redundancy so the spammers will struggle to find active connections but it will harder for them to hijack open mail relays and harder to find cheap hosting.

Unfortunately I personally have not noticed a drop in spam. I do use a ASP filter ( The newest spam sends brief snippets of news, that changed from the recently popular "Random First Name writes:"

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