Bill Could Make Sending Sexually Explicit E-Mail A Crime

State Sen. Mike Friend of Omaha must've been reading our boobies discussion. "The Internet is a cesspool," said Mike Friend of Omaha, who introduced the bill (LB142) at the attorney general's request. E-mailing someone a pornographic picture would be a misdemeanor, and sending it to a child would be a felony (in Nebraska) under legislation proposed Monday. More.


I'd rather they made spam illegal. Generally, if I get explicit photos in email? It's from someone I know. Not that I think I've ever actually received an explicit photo in an email. But the spam? Dozens, probably thousands of them by this point in my life and some that are far more disturbing than an pics I've seen. Of course, with gmail, I hardly see the spam anymore--they seem to have good filters, but our filters aren't so good at work sometimes.

It should be required that they clean up spam first, then we'll let them take care of the naughty pictures.

Besides, if they get rid of porn in emails, whatever will the politicians have to look at in their email? ;)


I'm with you there on the spam issue.

'Sides, as Fang-Face is wont to say, what constitutes sexually explicit/obscene? My uncle's idea of "hardcore" is very different than mine, and if I showed him what was out there it'd probably stop his pacemaker. And why is a picture any more (or less) offensive than getting those emails with the oh-so-blunt subject "Iz UR c0q 2 smll?" (I think I covered spam and obscenity in one fell swoop)

Spam/phishing is a lot bigger problem for me than dirty pictures. Sorry, politician d00dz. Identity theft is a lot more offensive than boobies. Root out spam, you root out most of those explicit pics coming through the mail anyway. And of course, anyone sending any sort of explicit picture (whether it be pics of boobies in some sort of action, or (worse) mangled corpses, or anything that could deeply disturb) to a child is pretty sick.


If you are waiting for political leaders to respond to actual threats and danger as opposed to panic, pandering and fear ... get comfortable.

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