Congratulations Canada on the BeerBrary!

Congratulations Canada on completion of the first
National BeerBrary.

Canada, home of the Canadian Penguin, North
America\'s first black Prime Minister (Jean Chr├ętien),
and the 20 hour metric clock, has just announced the
Canadian National BeerBrary has been completed.
Tim Horton (Canadian King for some 35 years)
was on hand at the celebration in the Canadian capital,
Construction took over 12 years, and cost over
$356 Million Canadian \"Loonies\" (That\'s about
US). It is estimated almost 100 Canadians lost their
lives transporting the huge 12 ton ice blocks that make
up the 125 Meter (That\'s about 10 US floors) structure
that is
now the tallest structure in Canada. Ice was used to
ensure the 25,000 different Canadian Beers would stay
chilled in the BeerBrary. Since the average temperature
in Toronto never gets above freezing (That\'s -13 C) the
ice building is expected to last until global warming
causes the ice sheet Canada was built on to melt into
the sea.

\"This is a great day for all 23 Canadian States\", said
The Head of the BeerBrary , Don Cherry, \"It moves
Canada ahead of all other countries in alcohol
preservation, ahead of even New Orleans, and
Happy April Fools day to all!

I just got done watching
This Hour Has 22 Minutes
...Talking To Americans,
and it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen
on TV. American know nothing about Canada

If you missed it, The best part was when he asked the
woman and her 10 year old son something about \"all
the states in Canada\", and the 10 year old he knew
Canada has
Provinces, and his mom didn\'t (I think they only have 42

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