A Look At Publishing


E-Rights for E-Writers is a story on the Supreme Court judges hearing a case that could set a legal standard for copyright in the electronic age.

Bob Cox sent along This Story that says the route to literary success is to be young and gifted but most of all be gorgeous! They accuse literary agents of touting talent to publishers like a \' beauty pageant\'

And The Chicago Times Says Margaret Mitchell\'s estate has filed suit in Atlanta to block publication of a novel that tells the late writer\'s \"Gone With the Wind\" story from the perspective of a former slave who is an illegitimate half-sister of Mitchell\'s heroine, Scarlett O\'Hara.

And, last but not least, A Librarian to help pick Newbery award The Chronicle also has A Story on a bill that would ease the use of copyrighted material for use on online instruction. It says this bill will put distance courses on the same legal footing as traditional instruction.
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