Protesting the library



More than 50 people gathered outside the Council Bluffs
Public Library on Wednesday evening, protesting the board\'s refusal to vote on placing content filters on Internet-connected computers.

The crowd, which included more than a dozen children, listened to presentations by Creighton law professors Michael Fenner and Ed Morse and Pottawattamie County Attorney Rick Crowl.

Morse is a Council Bluffs resident in favor of installing filters on computers accessible to children. Fenner said this would not be a constitutional problem, so long as some unfiltered computers were made available to adults.

Crowl said it was unlikely that the library board could be found responsible for any criminal obscenity infractions.

The board has on several occasions discussed an Internet policy but has refused to install filters. Library staff have spoken against filtering as a form of censorship.

The demonstration was planned after the board declined to hear further discussion of the matter from the public at Wednesday\'s meeting.

\"The people of Council Bluffs have the ability to do something about this,\" said Ted Ortiz, a Bluffs resident. \"A child on one of those computers is a keystroke away from explicit sexual material.\"

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