Watched The Librarian? You Weren't Alone


"The Librarian", directed by Jonathan Frakes and starring Noah Wyle, debuted Sunday night on the TNT network with a strong 6.2 million total viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. The number was only slightly down from the original installment, THE LIBRARIAN: THE QUEST FOR THE SPEAR, which averaged nearly 7 million viewers in its Dec. 5, 2004, premiere. Even Better News, Although the movie is still slated to air half a dozen more times (this is TNT after all), Return to King Solomon's Mines has been announced for a December 19th DVD release date, meaning you can pick up Flynn Carsen's latest adventure just in time for Christmas.


so bad that "suck" would say "that sucked"so bad that "Ishtar" is now prank calling itso bad that it is being shown nightly to Guantanamo Bay detaineesso bad that the graves of Noah Wyle's dead relatives are being desecratedso bad that "Lifetime", "Sci-Fi" and "We" wouldn't run itso bad that my TV still smells like failure

What? No love for Bob Newhart? :(

Newhart as Judson was decent. Not as good as last time, but decent.As a big fan of the first Librarian movie, I pretty much have to agree with Chuck. Not that anyone should be desecrating the graves of Noah Wylie's ancestors.A huge waste of two hours. Some Sci-Fi channel movies are more entertaining and that is VERY scary.

Oh, and I wouldn't wish the DVD on my worst enemy.

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