Why Vote for Mitch Freedman?


I asked all three ALA candidates one simple, final question. Why should we vote for them.
Here is his answer:
\"From my teen days as a page at the Newark [N.J.] Public Library through the years at U.C. Berkeley\'s School of Librarianship & the Free Speech Movement, the Library of Congress, Hennepin County Library, New York Public Library, Columbia University\'s library school, and the Westchester Library System (WLS), I have fought for free access and information equity. Today, as our libraries face laws mandating filters, the loss or privatization of government information, a growing digital divide, and the outsourcing of library service and management, we need a strong ALA more than ever.\"

Plenty more, so read on...As President of ALA I will fight for:

· Intellectual freedom
· no externally imposed filtering requirements; fair use of databases and software (NO to CIPA, NO to UCITA, & NO to excessive limitations on use in licensing agreements!)
· pay equity and better salaries for all library workers
· increased funding for libraries, library construction and government publication programs
· recruitment, education, and retention of a diverse library work force
· support early childhood initiatives and family and information literacy
· free access to libraries and information for all
· programs and funding to support early childhood initiatives and family literacy
· continued recognition that libraries are physical, as well as virtual places
· school libraries in their struggle against externally imposed filters and censorship; and the promotion of collaboration between school & public libraries and librarians

I am a plaintiff in the ACLU suit against CIPA; I was the only librarian plaintiff in the ACLU-ALA lawsuit that overthrew NY\'s harmful to minors Internet law.

Both as an on-the-job librarian and as a participating member of national, regional, state, and local library organizations I have been a passionate advocate and fighter for the fundamental principles of our profession.

I am committed to diversity, not just talking about it, but doing something about it.

I have worked in almost every kind of library setting, and know and understand the needs of America\'s diverse library landscape:

The Library of Congress
Information Dynamics Corporation
Hennepin County Library
New York Public Library
(Taught at) Columbia University School of Library Service
Westchester Library System

I also offer the following professional activity as further support for the breadth of my background and experience in the ALA and as a professional librarian:
Publisher, U*N*A*B*A*S*H*E*DTM Librarian; 3 books, dozens of articles; consultant on four continents; PLA, LITA, ALCTS, SRRT committee assignments; 5-term ALA Councilor; Chair, Pay Equity Committee; President, LITA; Committee on Status of Women in Librarianship; LITA Award; ACLU Award; Great Books Award; Women in Communications Award

Organizational & Other Endorsements: The following groups have endorsed by candidacy. They reflect my career-long commitment to diversity and fairness: REFORMA, ALA Feminist Task Force, Many Leaders of the Black Caucus of ALA (including its founder, Dr. E. J. Josey, Khafre Abif, Stanton Biddle, Dr. Alex Boyd, Florence Simkins Brown, Rodney Lee, and Samuel Morrison), Progressive Librarians Guild, SRRT, GLBTRT.

For a fuller statement of who I am, what I\'ve done, what I stand for, and what I\'ll do as your president, please see my web site,

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