Are PLs Treasonous, or Government Censors Slack?

Fang-Face writes "An article at the MSNBC News web site, Nuclear plant info available to public: NBC News investigation finds sensitive documents in libraries, reveals how hidden camera investigators were able to walk into public libraries and cull "sensitive information" on vulnerabilities from what was available to the public. In the context of Bush administration "War on Terror" hysteria, this situation raises the question: Are public libraries soft on terrorism, or is the government soft on censorship?"


Secret cameras? Why, was the librarian surreptiously passing the information out? I finally have to agree with the proponents of the "everything changed on 9/11" movement. Evidently we've given up thinking and a sense of proportion.

If we had a functioning government Congress would be throwing supoenas all around the Nuclear Regulatory Commission until they found the person or persons responsible for posting that information.Blaming a library for this is like blaming the phone company for crank calls.Appalling.

Where's the outrage about the government posting similar information a while back on the web (it was about Iraq's "WMD" programs or something)? I guess if the government does it, it's fine. The MSM is "owned" by the government, but I give kudos to NBC for their recent change in terminology on Iraq.

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