Mount Clemens PL pulls plug on internet access


RobertL writes "An article in the online edition of the
 reports that the Mount Clemens Public Library in Michigan is no longer
providing intenet access for patrons because of a '"large increase" in
visitors using the free Internet service to access what the library termed
obscene material in violation of library policies.'"


Ummm... hopefully they can figure out a better solution than this pretty soon. Sheesh!

Hmm. Wonder fast/far their stats will drop.

I've been telling ultra-right wing nuts for years that if you don't like what you see on the internet you should not be surfing it, and all you have to do to correct the situation is unplug yourself from it. It's about time somebody got the message.

Unfortunately, this situation isn't likely to prove much of a solution as such a choice can only be personal; as is the choice to continue surfing and running the risk of seeing what one would rather not.

I hope they have some other way to provide their patrons with access to their online catalog and databases. If not, this is a really stupid thing they've done. Check out their website at to see all the resources they have to offer.

It sounds like they just ditched their Internet access computers, not every computer. In my library, the computers that have the OPAC/databases can only access those, not all of the Internet, so my guess is this is how theirs function also.

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