SAF sues North Central Regional Library District


RobertL writes "According to the ResourceShelf  "The Second Amendment Foundation and three Washington State residents have filed a federal lawsuit against a north-central Washington regional library system for denying them access to websites that include information on firearms and publications dealing with guns."  According to the report, the North Central Regional Library District (NCRL) "refuses to unblock such access even at the request of the plaintiffs.""


Attention all ACLU-haters. Not that is will make a difference in your opinions, but I would like to point out that the ACLU is helping the plaintiffs in this case. GUN OWNERS!! *Sigh* There is consistency here, but I think some people are so blinded by their preconceptions of the ACLU that they won't see it.

I don't know what I would do without and glocktalk. Even would be a loss. Never mind the back-ups like the Sig, CZ, Ruger and Smith & Wesson forums.

No doubt about it is the big taboo...guns..not such a problem....

Last time I was in London...even the Bobbi's still didn't carry guns...(but they did have them in a vehicle close at hand if they needed them)...that is likely changed since 911...

I think you would be correct about that....

In this case the filter was the library (actually in every case, regardless of software, the filter is the library), the point was that the 2nd amendment wasn't what got the ACLU all fired up.

Man, I hope that was sarcasm. LOL

LOL, you gotta love the United States. It's assumed that sex will be filtered, but guns are optional.

I agree with the library denying access to these dangerous websites. Now if anyone wants to access these websites then they are free to access them on their own PCs at home at their own leisure.

Oh, really? I would say that the ACLU is simply upholding the freedom to access information that should be granted by default to every franchised adult. Censormorons scream that, "we must protect the children", but then do so by filtering computers that children will not be using.

That is hypocrisy.

Guns are an optional categorie in a filter. The filter has an over ride. So the decision to choose to filter guns and not use the over ride would be an executive decision of the library s and not a fault of the filter.So in this case the ACLU is going after the library for that choice. Doesn't that make sense?
  In this case it would be absurd to blame this on a filter.

Anybody know why they are refusing to disable filters upon request ? flys in the face of rational sense...

Good, I hope they get the pants sued off them. They should be ashamed to call themselves a library system.

The consistency is in the fact that the ACLU is more interested in striking down the filters then they are supporting gun rights.

I bet you have no problems with late returns or unpaid fines at your library ;)

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