Borat and "The Daily Show" Journalism


A poignant commentary in today's LA Times wonders why:

The "Today" show, Fox News, the Guardian, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Entertainment Weekly, Premiere and most local newspapers are willing to pretend that Borat is a real Kazakh reporter who put out a real documentary.

However, maybe if the movie stuck to scripted appearances,
he wouldn't have been sued or assaulted. Now that is one wild and crazy guy.


A journalist complaining about how you can't tell the difference between the fake news and the real news anymore, has not been paying attention to the malpractice journalists have been visiting on his for the last (God ... ) almost 15 years now.It's like a priest suddenly saying one morning: "Hey, where did everbody get these terrible ideas about sex?"I don't know, Padre. I thought you might.

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