A Look Over Seas

Super Helpful Charles Davis sent in a bunch of UK
oriented stories. I love to get news that isn\'t all
American for a change.

says The Queen is opened her library March to put
some of the world\'s rarest
books on display at a reception that will honour leading
figures in the publishing industry. This also ,arked the
first time that a radio programm (other than the
addresses to the nation) had been transmitted from
the Palace.
They also ran a story on a move by the British
Library lto stop 250 musical scores and extensive
correspondence with great European composers going
abroad. They include a signed and annotated score of
Beethoven\'s Ninth Symphony,
The Daily Telegraph at http://www.telegraph.co.uk also
reported on March 23rd that An archive of photographs,
books and letters that belonged to Alice Liddell, the
inspiration for Lewis Carroll\'s Alice in Wonderland, is
expected to fetch £2 million at auction this summer.

From Yahoo! UK, The U. of California has acquired a
pair of manuscripts that the Marquis de Sade penned in
the insane asylum depicted in the biopic \"Quills\", the
British-made film nominated for a clutch of Oscars.

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