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A Look Over Seas

Super Helpful Charles Davis sent in a bunch of UK
oriented stories. I love to get news that isn\'t all
American for a change.

says The Queen is opened her library March to put
some of the world\'s rarest
books on display at a reception that will honour leading
figures in the publishing industry. This also ,arked the
first time that a radio programm (other than the
addresses to the nation) had been transmitted from
the Palace.
They also ran a story on a move by the British
Library lto stop 250 musical scores and extensive
correspondence with great European composers going
abroad. They include a signed and annotated score of
Beethoven\'s Ninth Symphony,
The Daily Telegraph at also
reported on March 23rd that An archive of photographs,
books and letters that belonged to Alice Liddell, the
inspiration for Lewis Carroll\'s Alice in Wonderland, is
expected to fetch £2 million at auction this summer.

From Yahoo! UK, The U. of California has acquired a
pair of manuscripts that the Marquis de Sade penned in
the insane asylum depicted in the biopic \"Quills\", the
British-made film nominated for a clutch of Oscars.