New Blog Tracks Typos in Online Catalogs


Terry Ballard writes "The blog Typo of the day at was inaugurated on October 11, 2006. This will highlight one word each day from the list of thousands found by the members of the forum LIBTYPOS-L ( The group was formed in the summer of 2000 to supplement the findings of Terry Ballard's 1992 study of typographical errors in library databases. Since that time the group, now numbering more than 150 librarians, has found thousands of correctable errors in online catalogs, using the massive OHIOLINK catalog as their baseline. The full list, which is updated annually, can be found at yposcomplete.html

Update: 10/18 19:14 GMT by B :Terry Ballard writes some more: :I sent in a story about the Typo of the Day blog yesterday, and notice two things that need fixing (how ironic). Wendy Eyler should be Wendee Eyler, and the postings are done every weekday.

The idea for the blog was first proposed on October 11 by Ian Fairclough of the Marion Ohio Public Library. After discussion with libtypos moderators Tina Gunther, Wendy Eyler and Phalbe Henriksen, Terry Ballard formed a blog and added the first word, "Adminstration," that had been found in his original Adelphi study. Since then group members have volunteered to write the blog for a week at a time. In addition, the daily words will be seen on Autocat and Catalogablog at An RSS feed can be found for the blog at"

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