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More than a few book stories clogging up my favorites here

The E-Book Revolution? from over at BookWire calls the the eBook industry\'s hype a bit off base.

The NYTimes has This Story on a campaign by more than 1,200 independent bookstores called BookSense.

Meanwhile, in Australia, Retailers told to move as books giant sets up shop, if you can\'t beat\'m, move.

In CA a federal court judge in Northern California dismissed a group of Independent Bookstores claim to damages yesterday in an antitrust suit against Barnes & Noble and the Borders Group. Full Story
In more bad news for Canada, Publishers set to chop Canadian book titles Canadian publishers expect to produce about 20 per cent fewer Canadian titles in the spring and fall as a result of a financial squeeze caused largely by heavy book returns from

And finally, the Guinness World Records business is for sale, maybe if we all pitch in...

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