Parent would ban Farenheit 451

Anonymous Patron writes "According to the Montgomery County Courier, a local student and her father would like to see Farenheit 451 removed from her high school english class reading.

"The book had a bunch of very bad language in it," Diana Verm said. "It shouldn't be in there because it's offending people. ... If they can't find a book that uses clean words, they shouldn't have a book at all."

Perhaps a bonfire is the solution?"


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remaining books

No word yet on her opinion regarding titles dealing with irony.

A novel idea

Hey, here's a notion! Instead of banning the book from the school, why not ban the student and her father?

I love the Onion!

Why is LISNews posting content from the Onion? My favorite was the article several years back about Tropic of Cancer where the kids were complaining about the sex not being as hot as they wanted.

Perhaps we should keep a tally

of each time a person has not read a book and yet still wants to ban it.

""It's just all kinds of filth," said Alton Verm, adding that he had not read "Fahrenheit 451.""

Re:I love the Onion!

The story does not link to "The Onion." It links to a online newspaper in Houston.

Re:I love the Onion!

The story is at: The Onion's Url is: I can see how you would be confused about the URLs. They are very similiar. The both have the letter "o" and "i" and that makes them virtually indistinguishable.

Sometimes I wish I lived in the US

As when something like this came up I could bring a suit to ban the Bible from schools and libraries due to it's explicit content (incest, murder, racial hatred, violence, alcohol and drugs etc). But somehow they seem to think that book is fine!

Re:Sometimes I wish I lived in the US

Bible has been banned in US schools. See this LISNEWS journal entry

Re:I love the Onion!

Thats either brilliant dry humor or pain fully obtuse. Because I actually took the time to read your reply to the previous sarcasm I'm going to hope for brilliant just because I have a policy on not responding to stupid posts.

Re:Sometimes I wish I lived in the US

That is brilliant--seriously.

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