US Responds to LibraryConnection/Chase Demagoguery

Anonymous Patron writes "From U.S. Attorney's Office, New Haven to the Hartford Courant comes a response to "several press reports and editorials" in a
recent media blitz by Connecticut's Library Connection consortium."


Reading the article it seems like the US Attorney is engaging in similar conduct to what he accuses Library Connection; overgeneralizations and dismissal of his opponents positions.Also sad that he could say:"they are keenly aware that any investigative powers that are abused will likely, and quickly, be taken away by Congress."without a sense of irony. Government agencies, including the FBI, abused their powers for decades before their conduct was finally brought to light by the Church Commission. It was the Church Commission that helped give us FISA in 1978, which the President and the US House are in the midst of dismantling.Blind trust of government is no defense of liberty. Our founders knew this and we should too.

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