Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged Coming to the Silver Screen


...get ready

...the one

the only...

Angelina Jolie (YES!) will star in the movie adaptation of Atlas Shrugged , the ambitious 1,100-page novel (circa 1957) by Russian-born American writer and philosopher Ayn Rand, Variety reported yesterday (and here reported by The Book Standard).

Rand, who also wrote the novels Anthem and The Fountainhead , which was made into a movie in 1949, was also known for her Objectivist philosophies, which she developed and included in many of her books, including Atlas Shrugged. This movie has been 'in the works' for several years now.


Ayn Rand used to be known among college students as "The Intellectual's Pornographer," due to her graphic discussion of sometimes kinky sex between characters without using any dirty words.
      Nowadays, I suppose that title goes to Gary Jennings. He used lots of dirty words in his works for kinky sex scenes, but always from languages other than English, so that makes it acceptable.

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