The Tale of the Bullying Kid and the Librarian

We'll never know how it all began, but here's the conclusion of a story that started this summer in Socorro NM; about a trouble-making twelve-year old girl, her parents, and the librarian, Lucy Pino, who booted her out of the library. The child's father, Simon Armijo attempted to sue in Magistrate Court, but charges were thrown out by the D.A. Here's the original report on the incident and legal pursuit of the case , here's an editorial about the matter and how in the writers opinion, the community has been taught a lesson.


Can I ask that editorialist to stop being on my side, please?

I loved the editorial it smacked the kid and Hillary Clinton. My day is complete.

Too bad the kid (nor her parents) will ever feel any personal responsibility for anything. Getting a lawyer is not the solution for everything.

I like that the "victimized" child's mother is one of the town trustees. It's always the most vicious, curlish, weak-kneed, bullying brats whose parents are the ones with just a little more money or position than their neighbors."My daughter and I don't have to stand for this! I'm so very privileged and special. Come on Ashleigh, Hunter, Hampton, Carter, Braithwaite and Eugenia. We're filing suit and going to Taos for the weekend."Who shows up with a camera (nice) and a cop when their snotbag kid gets repremanded for being, surprise! a bag of snot?It also drives me nuts that librarians or administration has this adolescent fear of lawsuits. Unless you do something really bad or flagrant, or something related to sex or race or gender, etc. there's usually no grounds for a suit.It's not like in a movie where someone sues and the next day everyone gets fired and has to sell their car to pay off the judgment. Anyone agreeing to sue over trifles like these is trying to scare someone else and has no legs at all to stand on.Weak. They should ban the entire family of toads for wasting the town's time and money.

"or something related to sex or race or gender, etc."Cause, ya know, ya can't offend the great holy trinity!

I think the theme starts at this strip and then continues - 60911

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