She's Dunn

mdoneil writes "Patricia Dunn the Chairman of HP who orchestrated the spying mission on Board members to uncover a leak of company information to the media is on her way out.
Dunn, who hired private dicks to obtain phone records of Directors ostensibly through pretexting — lying to the telcos — will be replaced by the non-executive president (whatever the heck that means) of HP in January.
So don't worry about your government spying on you, be wary of employers hiring professional liars to get your personal information by lying to the phone company, a practice that they seem to think is legal.
There is no fine line between legal, ethical, moral, and OK in my book. If it does not seem fair don't do it. Dunn is a fine example of corporate morality. She and Ken Lay should have hooked up before he died, they would make quite the couple."

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