Law Journals in Dumpster

shambolic57 writes "As described in the Sydney Morning Herald ,
the Library at the University of New South Wales has been caught using that great collection weeding device--the dumpster--to store bound volumes of discarded journals. Of course this raises all sorts of issues which are too briefly touched on in what is essentially a filler article. I guess the lesson is don't discard, donate to libraries in greater need than yours or build a bigger stack facility."


have a clear policy on processing and disposing of discards and make sure your staff follows it.

My previous discard method when I wa a branch manager in Arizona was to use the big dumpster. Specifically: I opened the gate around the dumpster, kept the lid open, and then stepped back a couple paces for each book that made it in. The big reference books were an excellent challenge from about 10-15 yards out.

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