No Third Space? Why Teens Love Starbucks

An Anonymous Patron writes "In an article titled 'The Frappuccino Generation' the authors note:

Starbucks also provides a place for teens to be together that's not school, home, work or the library. Professor Bryant Simon, a historian who is the director of the American studies program at Temple University, has talked to dozens of teens and tweens for a book he's writing about Starbucks. He believes that kids discovered the chain because there are so few public spaces to go in America. nt.html"


When I was a teen, which was before Starbucks, we'd gather at the local pizza place or diner. It's not as if there was a surplus of public places for teens pre-Starbucks either. Finding such could be ust as dicey then.

was how they described Starbucks as a "safe" place to go. As if Starbucks is safer than any other public space.

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