Privacy Lost?

Slowly we seem to be losing more and more of our privacy. Those of us whose names are All over the web have even less, and some people want to keep it that way, and even want to take more, so they can make more money.

This Story (And Another) on \"the Online Privacy Alliance\" (that\'s such an ironic name for this group), a group made up of Microsoft, AOL Time Warner, IBM, AT&T, BellSouth and Sun Microsystems, explains what I mean. Not exactly a group of people I woud say want to make it easier for us to hide from them.
The ALA seems to be too worried about filtering and Boy Scouts to make much noise in this area. What\'s more important to you?This story from Wired talks about the likes of Acxiom and Abacus, massive marketing databases that cover the purchasing habits of at least 90 percent of America\'s 100 million households.

\"I think it\'s a major disservice to the FTC and to the public if companies like Acxiom don\'t appear to explain what they do,\"

A story on how there are more companies offering services like cell phones to people with privacy protection built in.

This Story from Wharton presents several ways to help keep our private stuff private, but they all seem like a pipe-dream.

I think we still enjoy a fair amount of privacy, but in many ways it is being lost in the name of share holder value.

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