Not Sure How to Spend Your Weekend? Try Bibliomancy

From one of my favorite sites, Anu Garg's wordsmith ( here's a word that might inspire something new and exciting this weekend....

BIBLIOMANCY (BIB-lee-o-man-see) noun

Divination by interpreting a passage picked at random from a book, especially from a religious book such as the Bible.

[From Greek biblio- (book) + -mancy (divination).]

Here's the step-by-step method:

1. Pick a book you trust a lot.

2. Put it on its spine, and let it fall open.

3. With your eyes closed, trace your finger to a passage.

4. Interpret the passage as your lifemap to the future.

You could even add more randomness to the process. To do that at the macro level, visit a library and pick a book at random from the shelves. At the micro level, instead of interpreting a passage, pick a single word and let it point you to your path.


my book doesn't open to a page, but just falls over on its side? That can't be good. Or, perhaps I can interpret it to mean that life is a rich adventure to which I am blindfolded against.
Maybe I should try something besides a graphic novel. I guess Tokyo Mew Mew has nothing to offer me.

How to Make Love Like a Pornstar: A Cautionary Tale by Jenna Jameson and Neil Strauss

set master switch from safe to armed. Care should be taken not to brush or grasp the release handles.