At Least Someone Benefits

In order to combat the alleged shortage of librarians, a library school in Missouri is getting over $600,000 in Federal grant money to train people not to be librarians. Read the entire blog entry at the Annoyed Librarian.


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Best line ever

From the blog:Educators!! Is there anyone less likely to be useful to libraries than "library educators"?You know, that's one of the smartest things I've heard all day. I didn't start library school until after I'd spent ten years working in public libraries. And to this day, all I can say is that the only demographic farther removed from the library profession than the patrons are LIS professors. Some of the classes were just plain bullshit and existed only because either a) it was a pet project of the professor or b) the professor created the class to look good and retain their standing or c) all of the above.With the exception of two classes, there wasn't damn thing in the programme relevant to the student looking at a one of those high paying (ha!) careers in a public library. Theory of information science is nice, epistomology of information science is super, but it doesn't mean a damn thing to a patron that desperately needs a book you don't have.You could drop one of those professors in a working library and watch them muck it up all day because all of their education and all of the abbreviations after their last name doesn't mean a thing when they need to help someone who smells (and looks) like a dung heap find a newspaper article from two years ago about a train accident that killed their transient best friend. It truly is a situation like the old saying "Those who can't... teach."

Re:Best line ever

Why is it that library school grads always assume that because their education was irrelevant or terrible, all library or information schools are worthless?Maybe your's just sucked. I went to the University of Michigan School of Information and my training has served me well.

Re:Best line ever

Mine too--I'm a Wayne State grad (up the road from UM, another great school!). However, most of my classes were taught by adjuncts. But the 2 or 3 classes I had taught by PhDs were actually very useful and they had worked in the trenches for many years before getting their other degree(s).

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