UB's Informatics Closing is "A Terrible Mistake"

Jaclyn Mussehl writes "In an editorial in today's Buffalo News, Jeff Carballada writes, 'Without the focus and resources that accompany a school of the university, informatics at UB will die, along with the leadership position our region was enjoying.'"


MSNBC's Keith Olbermann wished the president's demise on several occasions. So what?

Contrary to what many of the fevered left believe, the media doesn't hold much sway with this administration.

These people are idiot television personalities and political pundits. They are paid to sit around like a bunch of mother hens speculating about what has happened and what will happen. They aren't very bright and they are usually wrong (but they show up the next night with more of the same).

This is a cable news show and even though it is highly rated FNC(a relative term considering it is cable news), only a few million people in a nation of 300 million bother to watch and even less care about it.

I think the Times is treasonous but considering Bush wouldn't even do something as simple as yank their White House press pass this would be both unlikely and, if actually done, another ineffective bureaucratic nightmare.

The thing that bothers me about this climate...is the extent we edit and censore ourselves...

If this were a good idea I'd say go ahead and start with Fox News and Ann Coulter. Of course, since those venues are merely echo chambers for the regime, they wouldn't suffer from such censorship anyway.

No, no, pchuck! The left-wing does not say that the media has any sway with the Bush regime. The left-wing says that the regime shamelessly exploits the media to further its own ends and disseminate its propaganda.

"If you're going to hate, get the language right." --Margaret Cho

I put a link on this at my journal, but it also fits here. Baquet and Keller do a fine job responding.

"When Do We Publish a Secret?" By DEAN BAQUET, editor, The Los Angeles Times, and BILL KELLER, executive editor, The New York Times
Published: July 1, 2006

Since an office of censorship is just nutty, I propose an office of Reinheitsgebot.

Amazing, since I am seldom for more government regulation.

Glad I could help, I wouldn't want you to worry your pretty little head.

Now that we have your analysis of the situation, we can all rest more easily!

That's very flattering, but I'm engaged! But thanks anyway! :)

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