dvd, video, cds classification?


Anonymous Patron writes "I used to have a couple of cds, videos and dvds in my school library which i left them lying around on the shelf, but recently someone donated a large amount of these items to the library and frankly i don't know what kind of classification to adopt Can anyone help me?(most of them are fiction)"


I'd recommend you separate the DVDs from the videos because people are getting where they just want a DVD and don't want to wade through the VHS tapes. The CDs should be separated into music and audiobooks.

Put them in alphabetic order by title, or if there are a whole bunch you might try to the Dewey Decimal System to arrange subjects together. Or if that's too hard to figure out, you could go with colored dots and use a big bookstore's subject divisions.

Or hire a librarian. Grin.

Whatever you do, don't use Dewey or LC. The best bet is alphabetical order, and signs. This is what bookshops do!

You could look into ANSCR classification designed specifically for CDs (http://www.gti.net/mocolib1/music/anscr.html is a pretty good explanatory site). While I only worked briefly with it as an undergrad tech services assistant, it makes quite a bit more sense than using DDC or LCC.

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