New Discussion List on Wireless and Libraries


Bill Drew writes \"I have started a new discussion group using Yahoo!Groups. The group is
Wireless and Libraries (LibWireless).
The purpose of this group is to discuss libraries and all types of wireless
technologies. This includes but is not limited to wireless LANs in
libraries, accessing library resources via wireless devices, and related
issues such as WLANs, wireless bookmobiles, etc. .\"

Read on for instructions......
No spamming will be allowed. Vendors are welcome as participants but not
to market their products. As owner of the list, I reserve the right to
block any participant that violates these policies. Currently anyone can
join the list without my approval. That may change if there are problems
with spammers.

Currently the list is set to allow all messages without my review. I
prefer it that way but will change it if necessary.

To subscribe, send a blank e-mail message to: or if your mail reader allows
you to click on links, click on mailto:[email protected]

To send messages to the group use: [email protected]
Unsubscribe: [email protected]
List owner: [email protected]


Messages will be archived and searchable. Please forward this message to
all appropriate lists.

Wilfred (Bill) Drew
Associate Librarian, Systems and Reference
SUNY Morrisville College Library
E-mail: drewwe @
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Wireless Librarian:
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