Report: Spam Accounts for Most E-Mail Traffic


"The sheer volume of IM attacks is a dramatic demonstration that we're in an environment where hackers, knowing that most organizations are still unprotected against IM malware, are rapidly adopting IM for their attacks," Said Andrew Lochart, senior director of marketing for Postini, a messaging security firm based in San Carlos, Calif.
My experience with LISHost confirms this, I'd also add Spam makes up the same percentage of Blog comments and trackbacks.


The conditions of carriage of the airlines are what mandate identification be carried by passengers. The conditions of carriage are the contract between you and the airlines that specify everything about the contract into which you entered when you purchased a ticket. For example here is AA's, and here is BA's, and here is Jetblue's (B6's). If you bothered to read any of those, or any other airlines CoCs you would realize they require identification, and have for many years.

So before you start getting you panties in a wad you should read the contracts to which you agree before entering into them. To put it more simply STFU and ride your bike if you don't want to carry ID.

DHS does not care who you are, they do care if you have a weapon. I'm OK with that, why are the whackjob civil libertarians not?

"I'd also add Spam makes up the same percentage of Blog comments and trackbacks."That's been my experience over at Free Government Information. Sadly, many of the recent comments have been about cartoons portraying rapes and other pornographic/violent things. Thank goodness for moderation, but I wish they'd stop.So to the real human beings out there - Please join our conversations at FGI and raise that signal to noise ratio!

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