Miami-Dade School Board Votes to Ban Cuba Book

The Reader's Shop writes "A report from Miami says the Miami-Dade School Board voted on Wednesday to remove the book, "Vamos a Cuba", as well as it's English translation, "A visit to Cuba", from Miami-Dade school libraries. Twenty-three other books in the series will also be removed although they were not contested. In a 6-3 vote the board overruled two review committees and the Superintendent. The American Civil Liberties Union is prepared to file a lawsuit challenging the decision.
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ACLU Statement RE: Miami-Dade School Board's Vote to Authorize the
Censorship of the Book 'Vamos a Cuba' in the Public School System

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Brandon Hensler, Communications Director, 786-363-2722 or 786-208-

MIAMI – The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida today
released the following statement which can be attributed to Howard
Simon, Executive Director of the ACLU of Florida and Virginia Rosen,
President of the ACLU of Florida, Greater Miami Chapter:

Lawyers and staff of the American Civil Liberties Union are now
preparing a legal challenge to today's regrettable decision of the
Miami-Dade School Board.

Parents, educators, librarians and others with standing in this
matter who are equally concerned about the School Board's disturbing
decision should contact the ACLU to discuss becoming a part of this
challenge so that book censorship does not become the official policy of
the Miami-Dade Schools.

It is unfortunate that the School Board ignored the professional
advice of both the Superintendent and the overwhelming finding of two
committees of educators, parents and librarians.

Today's precedent – if allowed to stand – opens the door to yank
virtually any book off the shelf of a school library at the whim of a
single parent and a school board judgment that there is some inaccuracy or
omission in a book.

The answer to controversial or unpopular speech -- as the U.S.
Supreme Court has said over again -- is to add more information with
different viewpoints, not enforce censorship. That is a cure worse than
the disease.

The fight for freedom in Cuba cannot be waged as a war on the First
Amendment in Miami.

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The censormorons went after one book and as a result the whole series of 24 was banned. This, in my not humble opinion, because the books are too simplistic to be representative. By the same token, any book that is too simplistic to be representative can now be banned. Which means just about anything written for children. Most especially those with fantasy elements such as books with talking animals.

I have a little list,
they never will be missed, they never will be missed. . . .

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