GA Parent who fought Harry Potter appeals decision to state

Just when it seemed Harry Potter had fought and won his latest battle, he will be facing yet another a series of challenges. And this time, it will be at the state level.
A Loganville Georgia mother of four, is appealing the Gwinnett Board of Education's unanimous decision to keep the best-selling books on school shelves. Her appeal will continue the debate that began when Mallory filed complaints against each of the six books, writing that they included "evil themes, witchcraft, demonic activity, murder, evil blood sacrifice, spells and teaching children all of this."


Cool!!! Gwinnett Rocks

I wonder if the decision rendered will establish a precedent for the entire state. If the Board finds in favour of the Harry Potter series, can future challenges within the state be struck down on the basis of the ruling? Conversely, can a finding against the series then be used to remove the book from other schools? Assuming said schools do not have a provision requiring individual challenges.

Sounds like a job for a librarian! This can't be the first time it's been appealed that high up, can it?

It might very well be; such challenges commonly end at the district level. I haven't heard of any going to the state level since I started tracking censorship incidents.

Boy have I come full circle over the years. My early youth believed radically in the freedom of religion. Today I have come to believe that our society needs a new amendment....Freedom From Religion.There has to be a clause in the law the prohibits certain suits and cases, i.e. suing the news for bad weather, suing MacDonalds for overweight, etc. I think removing Harry Potter should be included in this. I can't see a religious symbol these days, be it on a shirt or bumper sticker, without fearing a thrown rock, racial slur or other form of "God message". Religion seems to have become the refuge of the weak minded, the desperately poor and the desperately desperate. This new amendment might prohibit certain religious movements from Tv and advertising like we have done with the KKK, the nazi movement, etc. This is not an exaduration. Programs like the 700 club certainly espouse as much intolerance and possible violence as a book on how to build a bomb or how to keep ethnic groups out of your area.

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