County Council ousts 4 library trustees has a story on house cleaning in the Greenville County.

Concerned about operations and what they perceive as mismanagement at the Greenville County Library, members of the County Council cleaned house Tuesday with their decision to replace four of five incumbents in the election of seven trustees.

Council Chairman Dozier Brooks said he thinks there was a lot of concern about operations problems and mismanagement at the library in addition to the council\'s interest in wanting to move ahead on plans for a new library.

\"I just felt like there was a lack of oversight at the library, and I think we\'ve elected seven good people to get the problems solved and keep us on schedule with plans for a new county library,\" Brooks said.

I wish the new board members well,\" Hill said, adding she doesn\'t know why the County Council chose to unseat all but one of the incumbents who reapplied.

Green said it was the council\'s prerogative to oust the incumbents, but he doesn\'t know why they would.

Green said he plans to become involved in the Friends of the Library, an organization that helps raise funds for the library. He said he supports a public book sale to generate money.

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