Meeting the needs of library users

The Laughing Librarian recently visited a library that has an innovative new service for its visitors.
You've all seen parents and grandparents browsing the shelves in the adult section, constantly distracted by the children in their care whining or running loose between the stacks. This library has come up with an excellent solution: Kiddie Kages. Children are checked into Kages (they're stacked in a room lined with sound-dampening tiles), and the adults are free to find grown-up reading material, do research on that fungal infection, or sit down for some cybersex chat without being disturbed by the young'uns. To keep the kids pacified, cartoons play non-stop on a large screen facing the Kages. The service is co-sponsored by the video store and a local fast-food restaurant, which provides fries and soft drinks for free.


I assume there is a fine if one does not return and collect their offspring by closing time.

Just how much is the fine?

Do you take debit or credit cards?

Its the Laughing Librarian so its a joke right? Right?

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