Google Founder Lobbies for Net Neutrality

SEO writes "Brin acknowledged large companies such as Google would be able to cut deals with the network owners to get their content through. But he added that Google searches are only valuable if consumers can then quickly access the sites listed in the results. "The thesis is that some content providers will pay for premium service. Why are they paying? Just because they feel charitable toward the telcos and ISPs?""


So that you get more hits, gain in popularity, and sell more ads. So that your link gets passed around in preference to any other link. Faster speeds mean your stuff is more likely to be viewed. When you run across two sources covering the same event, you - well, if you're reading this you're an info-management person, and you probably send both links - but most people will send the fastest or the most colorful. The slow one, they probably give up on loading it.Currently, why does akami (?) (image hosting for professional businesses) stay in business? They just make downloads of sites faster, which is why their clients pay them money to be closer to their users.Why are MSN & NyTimes major players in the news business?It's really simple.-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

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