Laura's List

birdie writes "You're probably not on "Laura's List". It's a new book by the first lady, which lists the 57 titles for children and adults that was previously published for free on this White House site; now it's been expanded and can be had the price of $14.95. More from the Dallas Morning News."


"At a Friday fund-raiser for one embattled Republican lawmaker, freshman Rep. Geoff Davis of Kentucky, Mr. Bush even joked about his shrinking political range: Mr. Davis "really wanted Laura" to appear, Mr. Bush said, to laughter from a roomful of northern Kentucky donors. "He said, 'You stay at home, Mr. President. Yes, next time.' Unfortunately, she was tied up."
--Backing Away From Bush
Wall Street Journal
Some Republican Candidates Avoid
Ties With Unpopular President
May 23, 2006; Page A4

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