Suggested Books for LBC

One person suggested the book Scrolling Forward: Making Sense of Documents in the Digital Age by David Levy to be the current LBC selection. The author is going to be a participant in the presidents program for ALCTS at ALA next month. Lots of libraries have this book and you can buy a copy online for under $5 and that includes shipping. There were no other book suggestions so I say we go ahead and make this the book to read. Comments anyone?


That was me, I'm reading it now, so I'm willing to participate. The info on David Levy's program at ALA is at ents/alctsannual/alctspresprog.htm


It sounds interesting. I've never done an online book discussion before. How does this work?

Cheater, now you'll be ahead of everyone else!

On the left side of LISNEWS there is a choice for Book Club. If you click
on that on the book club posts appear. If there is a post that is on the
point you want to make just add your comment to that post. If you want to
make a new comment about a book submit it as a new story on LISNEWS.
Select "Librarian's Book Club" as the topic and it will go to the LISNEWS
authors for approval. You can also email your posts to
[email protected] and I will post them for you. Blake has given me
the priviledge of being an LISNEWS author so if you send a new post to me
I can post it.

Don't worry, I've only read the intro so far... I think I'll be in line w/ everybody else.


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