Reluctant Capitalists: Bookselling And the Culture of Consumption

The Librarian's Book Club at LISNEWS has been inactive for awhile. I think it is time to give another book a try. A LISNEWS story suggested a book that I think has lots of promise. The book is Reluctant Capitalists: Bookselling and the Culture of Consumption. Do we have a few people that would be interested in discussing this book? I think librarians should have a good understanding of the book trade. Especially in a world where libraries are asked to be more like Borders or Barnes and Nobles. (coffee shop, etc...)
Here is one review of the book from a UK source. You can read an excerpt from the book here.


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Thin on the ground

I'm concerned that WorldCat shows only 89 library copies of this book. I think we should wait a month or two on this title, until there are more available. We're librarians, after all. We can't go out buying books! :-)

Valid Concern

The number of libraries that has this book is a valid concern. Does anyone else have a book they would like to do?

Future book for discussion

How about "Scrolling Forward : Making Sense of Documents in the Digital Age" by David Levy. He's going to be a participant in the presidents program for ALCTS at ALA next month.

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