Verizon scorns net neutrality fight


Who Would've Guessed Verizon Communications would be dismissing concerns about net neutrality? They call them "hypothetical problems" and suggested new laws mandating the concept were premature. Calling concerns about net-favouritism entirely hypothetical, Hoewing said: "I'm getting tired of it... We've never done anything that I know to interfere with anyone's traffic."


A hypothetical situation is purely speculative and based on the question of "what if?" Somebody is taking action to get legislation passed that will require web site owners and operators to pay for "equitable" access to their sites by surfers. That's not hypothetical. That's factual. It is a foregone conclusion that sufers will have biased access to those sites operated by those who can afford to pay the fees. This is, in effect, licensing, and violates the principles of freedom of information. Of course, the Republican Party of Amerika is loathe to operate according to the spirit of the law, because operating that way requires integrity and honesty it does not have.

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